What do you See? Jan/08/2019 – The Library


It was all about the books until the globe starting acting up.

What was it about the globe that it felt it needed to steal the limelight in this way?

And you could hardly say it was subtle.

Spinning, emitting a light like no other and the screaming, well I have to say it was overwhelming and cleared the library in seconds flat.

What started as an ordinary day, no expectations beyond the borrowing of a few books and the return of a few others had escalated into something never before seen nor anticipated in the library.

As it was the library was very old, so old some books had gathered the dust of the last millennia and were beginning to question their place.

Libraries are very select places run by Librarians who themselves are very selective about what sits on their shelves and who borrows them. The Librarian in question, one Phillipa Ivredit was beside herself when the trouble began. Usually, any disturbance could be quelled by a flash of her eyes in the direction of the culprit. But on this day with the globe spinning like there was no tomorrow, and there wasn’t, she was powerless to do anything which left her standing in the middle of the library wringing her hands and looking right and left as if at any moment some idea might leap into her mind and save the situation.

Miss Ivredit for the first time as Head Librarian, found herself vacating the Library in opening hours. She felt a failure, the library was her pride and joy, and now it was disintegrating before her eyes into a raucous rabble.

She stood outside trying to be brave in the face of an unprecedented disturbance. Clasping her hands, she prayed the trouble would stop, and she could go back to her job and the library return to some normalcy.

Then the noise stopped, the lights ceased flashing, and as she poked her head inside the front doors, she could see the library had reverted to its usual peaceful, orderly self.

She gingerly re-entered her domain and gathered up the globe and took it to the basement where the tired old books were kept and where from now on the globe was to be stored inside a locked cabinet.

Miss Ivredit was not having any truck with a misbehaving globe ever again. This was her library, and her library was orderly and Dewey Decimaled within an inch of its life.



Written for: https://helenevaillant.com/2019/01/08/what-do-you-see-jan-08-2019/

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11 Responses to What do you See? Jan/08/2019 – The Library

  1. Lyn says:

    Poor Miss Ivredit. I’m surprised she didn’t take a sledgehammer to it the first minute it starting acting up. Mind you, it is a very beautiful globe. 🙂

  2. Billy Mac says:

    No place for behavior like that from a globe. Well done

  3. Hélène - Willow Poetry says:

    An interesting turn of a situation in this library, a Magic glove, misbehaving, disrupting Phillipa’s Ivredit’s quiet space, scaring everyone out. Good move on the Librarian ‘s part to bring the glove down into a locked cabinet. I am sure Melvil Dewey would approve.
    Thank you, Michael.

  4. crimsonprose says:

    Aw, poor globe, bored with its neverending library existence, just wanted to travel a while. 🙂

  5. rugby843 says:

    Loved this story and the picture is intriguing.

  6. Jules says:

    Oh, but what if it where the only form of communication from, well somewhere else?
    I guess though perhaps the globe hadn’t quite gotten its act together and might after ‘taming’ be more responsible?
    And enjoyable read.

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