Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5” – The Arrival of Evelyn Ruddy



A piece of furniture – a cabinet

A colour – ash grey

A scent – eucalyptus

A shape – an hourglass

An item carried – a photograph.

Evelyn Ruddy was the newest resident of Grimace Street, and as new residents were a rare thing in modern times, her arrival raised a lot of curiosity among the other residents.

Miss Marble, the witch at 46 Grimace Street, was as curious as everyone else even though it had been she who had orchestrated Evelyn’s arrival at 14 Grimace Street, a small two-bedroom house surrounded by what was once a very productive market garden.

Her neighbours watched her arrival as neighbours do, watching from behind drawn curtains and communicating with each other over the telephone as the to items being delivered to her door.

There was an ornate cabinet, ash grey in colour, which suggested the cabinet was of an age, as it had to look of something Evelyn had had for some time.

Miss Marble had sat on her veranda and watched from a distance the truck arrive with Evelyn’s things and even though she was away from Evelyn’s house she picked up the distinct aroma of eucalyptus. Miss Marble was into smells. Smell told you a lot about a person, and she liked that Evelyn Ruddy had a eucalyptus scent about her.

Evelyn, of course, was not aware of the goings on around her as she was focused on moving her stuff into her new place. She had liked the look and feel of Grimace Street the first time she had visited and was ever so pleased to learn of her success in buying no 14.

It was noted by her neighbours that her hourglass figure betrayed her as a woman of middle age and immediately raised the question in all who observed her as to what had occurred in her life that led her to join the Grimace Street neighbourhood.

It was all too much for Miss Marble’s long time neighbour, Mansur Stigglefod who ventured down the street to greet her newest neighbour. The two women met at Evelyn’s front gate as Evelyn was carrying a box of miscellaneous pieces and having extended to Evelyn her hand in welcome and friendship proceeded to engage Evelyn in conversation.

Evelyn was grateful for the warm welcome and showed Mansur a photograph she carried in her wallet of her two grandchildren whom she hoped would come to visit her sooner rather than later.

Mansur also gave Evelyn a written invitation for her to attend morning tea the next day with Miss Marble whom she explained was the long-term resident of the street and who was extremely interested in lives of each and every resident.

Miss Marble watched all this from a distance and felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of having Evelyn Ruddy for morning tea, as there was so much about the new woman that excited her.


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8 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5” – The Arrival of Evelyn Ruddy

  1. An entertaining read for a new character Michael.

  2. Violet Lentz says:

    I like the idea of the on going story. They sound like an interesting bunch and Evelyn might be a welcome addition..

  3. I wonder what Evelyn will get up to in the future!

  4. tedstrutz says:

    I liked the observant style you wrote this story. It seems not finished, will we be seeing more of Evelyn Ruddy?

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