HW Daily Writing Prompts – Santa’s Second Last Stop


His Christmas run was coming to an end, and he was feeling tired and worn out. It wasn’t getting easier, the population was rising, the expectations increasing and he was finding his feet hurt more the longer the night went on.

He could see the light at the end of the Christmas tunnel, just a few more houses to go, a bunch of gifts to deliver and he could go home and put his feet up for a couple of days before planning for next year would begin.

The chimneys were getting tighter he knew that. It was a case of he was getting bigger or the chimneys smaller. Either way, it was something he had to deal with, as there were children dependent on him.

The second last house on his list was the home of Barney and Maisie Doddle. ‘Only two kids,’ he thought as he gathered their gifts under his arm and made his way down the chimney. There was the Christmas tree; beautifully decorated he had to admit.

Beside the tree was a small table decorated in the impressive way of the tree but with a plate of goodies for him.

Leaving food out for Santa was he was sure a reason for his spreading girth. This time there was a gingerbread biscuit, and he loved gingerbread biscuits. Some houses worried him as they left him fruitcake and beer. What were they thinking he’d ask himself, knowing he had a long night ahead of him and drinking and reindeer driving were not two occupations that went successfully together.

As he sank his teeth into the delicious biscuit, he felt a tug on his coat. Looking down a small boy looked up at him.

“Are you Santa?” asked the small boy.

“Yes I am,” replied Santa munching on the biscuit.

“I made the gingerbread biscuits for you, I hope you like them.”

“They are the best gingerbread biscuits I’ve had all night.” Said Santa.

“I’m glad,” said the boy called Barney. “I’ve waited up for you as I wanted to know you liked them. I’ll go back to bed now as I’m tired and Mum said I had to be asleep when you came, but now I know you’ve turned up I’ll go to sleep.”

Santa watched as Barney wandered out of the room, he seemed content in the knowledge Santa had enjoyed his efforts to make Christmas enjoyable.

When the boy had gone, and all was quiet again, Santa deposited the gifts for Barney and his sister and added a little special gift to Barney’s gift.

The magic to believe.


Written for: https://hwdailyprompt.home.blog/2018/12/22/december-22-2018-2/

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18 Responses to HW Daily Writing Prompts – Santa’s Second Last Stop

  1. The magic to believe. I need some of that

  2. A lovely story Michael. We all believe in the magic one way or another.

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Such a cute piece Michael. Even Santa needs to be reminded of the good g does despite his aches and pains. It’s an interesting perspective to think and talk about those things in your piece such as his aching feet and the too narrow chimneys. Also a good point about the beer. It makes Santa relatable not just as part of the magic of Christmas, but as someone human-like too!

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Hey again Michael. Quick question, I just finished reading what you had posted for your Envy series in your top menu? I love it. It’s so fascinating and interesting to read about all these characters from a third-person-limited POV. Have you written more than what is posted in your main Menu. I’m quite intrigued & wondering if the series continues or ends there right now?

    Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. Lyn says:

    That’s sweet, Michael, really sweet.

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