Crimson’s Creative Challenge #5 – Alien Landing


When the aliens landed on the farm, they were surprised how easy it was to take over the earth.

They had arrived in the night, their spacecraft putting on a more than impressive display of lights and lasers.

The farmer had watched from his veranda and was fascinated by their arrival, but farming was a serious business, and he had no time for ostentatious displays such as he was seeing.

For Erk and Jerk, it was their first time visiting another planet with the express instructions to dominate and destroy. Their spacecraft, the Flert, was equipped with the latest space technology available, but they didn’t need any of it as it turned out.

Donning their earth helmets, they were able to translate their message into English and have the farmer agree to their demands.

The farmer was agog at what they wanted. For his farm, they offered him twelve million pieces of gold. As he was battling a drought of catastrophic proportions, he accepted. He reasoned if the aliens were so keen they could have it. After all, he was down to his final overdraft at the bank, and the silos were empty, so there was not much of value save for a few scrawny sheep and cattle.

The next day with the farmer gone Erk and Jerk settled down to dominating the earth. Looking around they found the landscape huge, the land stretched so far, it was basically red dirt, and they wondered how long it would be before the people from the next farm might come by for a cup of tea.

They took it in turns to watch the horizon from the silo.

Within a week with nothing happening, they raised their flag of ownership and declared the earth theirs.

It surprised them a week later to find many metal machines in their front yard, each of which had large guns trained on them.

Erk and Jerk looked at each other and transmitted a message: Maybe we got those landing co-ordinates wrong?


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7 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #5 – Alien Landing

  1. Sadje says:

    A new look on alien invasion!

  2. Violet Lentz says:

    Too funny. You made good use of the pho. I’m still pondering it..

  3. crimsonprose says:

    I thank you for my morning chuckle. I wonder what the real farmer would think of Erk and Jerk. BTW, love those names. And the idea of aliens getting it wrong. 🙂

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