FOWC with Fandango — Theatre


It was a theatre like no other. What happened there was unique.

Actors didn’t just act, scenery wasn’t just scenery and audiences were not just audiences.

It was the most interactive theatre you’d ever get to be in.

In a production of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ you found yourself standing in a fairy tale environment and around you the production happened.

One moment you would be in the forest with Puck and the next you might be standing in the work room of Bottom the Weaver.

It was a most extraordinary theatre, run by a small but intelligent man named Silus Silissom who many believed to be possessed by a magic unknown to other men.

Well, he was possessed by something, as going to his theatre was a life-changing experience.

Certainly, by the end of any production, you were a changed person and not always for the good. Sane people were known to utter the most insane comments, and insane people the sanest comments. Making ‘amends’ so often took on unexpected results.

You should try and get there as its just down the alley in Ligon Street, Theatreville, you can’t miss it, there’s a sign out front saying “Come in, you’ll never be the same again.”


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