JSW Prompt 12-3-2018 – A Dare


It started out as an innocent dare. Who could resist the longest?

Fluff was determined to be the winner, Fluffy knew he could outlast Fluff, and Fluffier knew he was superior to the other two simply because he was better looking.

So there they stood, the ice-cream sitting in front of them and the whole time their minds were caught between wanting to eat the ice-cream and wanting to win the dare.

Each smacked their lips in anticipation of the soft, smooth cold confection going into their mouths.

Fluff was thinking the other two were going to yield to his strength of character, Fluffy was thinking, Fluff is weak, he’ll give in at any moment, and Fluffier was thinking his good looks would sustain him, after all, he had strength of character even as he found himself edging closer to the bowl.

By now the three were dealing with the aroma of the ice-cream wafting up into their respective nostrils. That fact was not helping, as the three noticed they had moved within a tongues distance of the bowl. Each thought they could stick out their tongues in lightning fashion and get in a taste before the others noticed.

The temptation was overwhelming, and soon Fluff found himself with his nose all but in the ice-cream, and his resistance was wilting.

“Let’s lick all together, then none of us will win, but we’ll taste this delicious treat,” suggested Fluffy thinking it was a clever idea.

“Ok, on three?” announced Fluffier thinking he’d hold back and be the winner.

“Three!” cried Fluff and all put their noses into the ice-cream.

They looked at each other, noses displaying their failure and agreed it was delicious and a dumb idea to think they could resist.

Written for: https://athling2001.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/jsw-prompt-12-3-2018/

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5 Responses to JSW Prompt 12-3-2018 – A Dare

  1. Sadje says:

    Ah, ice cream! Who could resist it. Sweet story.

  2. crimsonprose says:

    A brilliant take, unusual too. Enjoyed the read.

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