Thursday photo prompt: Hidden #writephoto – In Search of Flatmacs.


The water sprite moved stealthily along the creek bed. It was irritated and unhappy as it had been demoted by the fairy king for being so-called slack on the job. Its wasn’t its fault it told itself that the Queen had been inconvenienced by him washing in the same spot as the Queen had come to bathe in. Had it known it would never have been there.

Now it had been removed from an exulted position within the fairy kingdom to a menial task of finding flatmacs in the creek bed.

This job required it to scour the creek bed for flatmacs, flat stones used to heat the King’s bed. They would be heated in the castle fire and when hot enough placed into the King’s bed.

Flatmacs only lasted a few sleeps as the skin of a fairy had a corrosive effect on the rocks, and so there was a constant search for new flatmacs especially in the colder months. The King was known roar with frustration if his flatmac had corroded to the point of discomfort.

So the water sprite spent its day’s head down bottom up looking for the hidden stones. Luckily the creek bed was covered in stones, and with a degree of diligence, it found enough to fill the days quota.

With its bag full it returned to the Castle where as night approached he would place one stone in the fire in preparation for warming the King and Queen’s ample posteriors.


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9 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Hidden #writephoto – In Search of Flatmacs.

  1. crimsonprose says:

    I like what you’ve done with the underlying story-world.

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    You learn something new every day 😉

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