Thursday photo prompt: Faraway #writephoto – Randolph the Waterhog


Faraway and some fathoms deep lived Randolph the Waterhog.

Waterhogs are an elusive sea creature inhabiting the shoals on a good day and the depths when they are pissed off.

Bravery is only exercised when in the shoals, the Waterhog for a sea creature is extremely sensitive to criticism. Normally a greenish-brown in colour but when embarrassed turn scarlet which creates the huge interest in finding them.

They are sea bottom dwellers, they forage among the sea grasses, suck the microbes from the coral, but I must add, they do put back spreading their excrement over the corals providing them with the life-giving nutrients they need.

On this particular day, Randolph the Waterhog was grazing, minding his own business when he was confronted by a rather rude and affronting shark called Colin. Colin was determined to lay claim to the particular piece of sea floor where Randolph was contentedly eating.

Colin made the mistake, many sea creatures did, of nudging the Waterhog and thus incensing it. This action initiated another side of the Waterhog, aggression, and in particular Randolph’s bad temper.

Later when the sand settled Randolph’s rear end could be seen making its way along the sea floor while Colin’s bits and pieces drifted slowly to the surface.


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10 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Faraway #writephoto – Randolph the Waterhog

  1. mhmp77 says:


    Randolph was obviously a formidable sea creature who could be expected to hold on to its own. It was not wise to stick our nose where it was not required


  2. Don’t piss off a pissed off waterhog!

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    Love this 💜🌹💜

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