Bonus Wordle “The Letter C” – Carol and Carl.

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This week’s words: Callous Counterweight Cervical Closure Currency Consider Chronic Cause City Crush Consider Contemptuous


Carol Counterweight had a crush on Carl Cooper. Carl was a callous chap, and people wondered what Carol saw in him.

Nevertheless, when Carol revealed she had a chronic cervical condition, it was Carl who brought closure to the contemptuous rumours that threatened to add unwanted currency to their caustic relationship.

The cause of all this was jealousy as Carl and Carol considered, and then considered again, the purpose of their relationship.

Once Carol was over her chronic cervical condition Carl took her to the city where he splashed around his abundant currency, took her to a top class restaurant where he wined and dined her at the Consider the Catfish Corner Bar and Chill Grill.


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  1. Now that is alliteration!

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