Sunday Writing Prompt “Lady Lazarus- Sylvia Plath”


The crazy woman looked up from her diary

Pen in hand, eyes a million miles away

She smirked, jotted a word or two

Her tongue out the side of her mouth

Her mind on an incident from long ago.


The child was playing beside the road

The car came, as cars did, swerved missing her

Panicked, her mother, watching her, ran to her aid

The girl oblivious to the danger, innocence personified

Sat with her mother listening to her anxiety.


The crazy woman wrote another word then screamed:

“Fuck you, fuck mothers, fuck you all.”

It was the maniacal laughter that aroused the staff

She’s off again they thought as one grabbed the syringe.

Holding her down they put her to sleep, for her, for them.


The child crawled down from her mother’s lap

Sat in the dirt, her mind confused by her mother’s urgency

There she listened as her mother rattled off the familiar tale

Abandonment, abuse, trauma, her dad, her uncle

None of it made sense, but she knew it would.


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8 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Lady Lazarus- Sylvia Plath”

  1. Good write! You nailed it!

  2. I’d say they paid off, outstanding Michael =)

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