Three Things Challenge, 20 Sept 2018


Today’s things are: staff, camping, moonlight

I never liked camping much, and when we went on our school camp, all my greatest fears were realized.

Miss Teresa our teacher was all enthusiasm about the camp going on about being out in the great outdoors, sleeping under the moonlight and stars and giving us the opportunity to be resilient should it rain or a big spider crawl into our tent.

Miss Teresa had it good, she had her own tent in the staff area, a warm shower and the best food and drink. I was in a tent with seven other smelly boys, Dango, in particular, seemed to emit more bad air than I thought it possible for a human being.

Added to that Dango insisted we all go out one night and find our way using the moonlight to the camp kitchen where we might pinch some food, as, let’s face it we boys were always hungry, and the lure of food was too great to resist.

Needless to say, Miss Teresa caught us, as Dango insisted on acting like an army commander and his loud instructions led to our being apprehended. She marched us back to our beds with the threat of being confined to our tent the next day. Her threat lifted my spirits as I drifted off to sleep that night.


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1 Response to Three Things Challenge, 20 Sept 2018

  1. Fandango says:

    Okay, okay. I’m going to take a shower. First one this week. 😱

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