Three Things Challenge, 19 Sept 2018


Today’s things are: hen, bed, puff

It was true to say that Dango irritated Miss Teresa, our teacher. Especially when he arrived late which I began to think was deliberate some days. He got a kick out of trying her out and enjoyed seeing her ire raised by his explanations for his tardiness.

Sure, enough today he was late again.

He entered the room just as we were about to settle into some Geography. Miss Teresa fronted him about his lateness and waited for him to explain why.

“It was the hens, Miss,” he said, “I had to get them out of mum’s bed before I could leave and Mabel the wannabe rooster put up some resistance, and I had to resort to violence to shift her. Mabel has a real personality disorder, Miss, she thinks she’s the rooster in the chook house and Rufus the real rooster is having a crisis of identity too.”

Miss Teresa sat still looking at Dango as he told his tale, as tall as most of the stories he told. Suddenly through the window came a gentle puff of wind lifting the loose hair hanging beside her face and revealing the beauty that was Miss Teresa.

I stared at her while Dango stood in front of her shuffling his feet.

“Do I dare ask why there were chickens in your Mum’s bed?”

Dango looked at his feet before answering, “Best if you don’t I think Miss.”


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  1. Love the last line Michael!

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