Photo Challenge #230 – The End of Time


                                             Image: Google Images

When the world ended, it did so in the oddest way.

It was quite a seamless operation with the glowing balls appearing in various countries and in various neighbourhoods at various times of the day.

It was not a wholesale destruction with everything going at once.

Rather it was ordered as if the universe had deemed there was order after all.

At first, people railed against it. The sceptics called it a random occurrence that it would be over as quickly as it started and everyone should go about their business as if nothing had happened.

The orange man passed a law, signed it in his black scrawl and held it up for all to see announcing he’d made a deal with it, whatever it was, and mankind could from that moment be thankful he was here to guide us and be the hero he believed he was.

The next day the entire United States disappeared amidst cheering from all those countries who had suffered directly from him be it trade wars or actual wars in which he bombed them for no other reason than he could.

For a short time, the world settled down, with the United States no longer there many believed the earth would cease to be in a matter of days.

People in every country found religion was not what they imagined it to be even though many fell to their knees day and night believing prayer was the only way to prepare for the end which they knew was just a matter of time.

The matter of time mentioned above proved to be the source of much debate and discussion among those left but argument ceased, never resolved itself as in many cases the strongest presenter was the next to vanish.

The glowing balls continued to appear and remove every one within a radius of what seemed as random as everything else was at the time.

The Lawson family in outback Australia managed to take a photo of the ball that appeared before them at their bush camp and sent it to their Aunty Iris on the coast a second or two before their world ended. Iris posted the photo on what was left of Facebook, and it went viral around the diminishing number of countries that once made up Asia.

We were lucky, as for reasons never explained, our town was not subject to the glowing balls, and we become a temporary depository of what was bound to be useless information about the end of the world.

This morning I woke up to a glowing ball….



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6 Responses to Photo Challenge #230 – The End of Time

  1. Great take on the prompt! Very clever and nicely crafted.

  2. James Pyles says:

    You wiped out the United States all because of one President??? Yikes.

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