100 Word Wednesday: Week 88 – Frau Reading


Frau Reading on her trip to town frequented the free book library but being short of stature was restricted to books on the lower shelves.

Today she spied a favourite author on a higher shelf. It was a new novel by Angus O’Critenson, and she loved Angus’ stories.

Looking around she saw no one to help her so did what she always dared herself to do. She shimmied up the shelves hanging on for dear life until she secured the sought-after volume.

Placing the book into her bag, she walked away wondering what her children might make of her behaviour.


Written for: https://bikurgurl.com/2018/09/11/100-word-wednesday-week-88/

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5 Responses to 100 Word Wednesday: Week 88 – Frau Reading

  1. This is the sort of thing my Great Gran would have done!

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