Sunday Writing Prompt “Pablo Neruda- If You Forget Me.”

Ladybug Texture Forget Me Not Background Flowers

If you forget me I’d ask,
What did I mean to you?

If you forget me, I’d ask you

When did you know you did?

It was all about acceptance

The little things that endeared me to you

Your endless compassion,

You said you cared for me

Wanted me to be there for you

But I feel abandoned.

Maybe in the recesses of your memory

In the place where I sit gently on your mind

You recall the boy who sat with the girl

Sailing over the city

Holding hands, wishing as one

How could you forget that?


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3 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Pablo Neruda- If You Forget Me.”

  1. Poignant I especially love the idea of when did you know you forgot me as if someone could recall the precise moment something ceased being a part of their life

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