Thursday photo prompt: Turning #writephoto


With the seasons turning, and winter giving way to the warmth and thaw of spring the snowman looked down the valley where already he could see the new growth of spring was well underway.

He lamented the decline of the winter. It was getting harder to survive when the winter didn’t seem as long as it once did.

The coming of spring and then the heat of summer gave him reason to fear for his survival. He sensed his days were numbered.

As it was the thaw brought with it visitors to the peaks, they were coming earlier to climb and explore, and his hiding places were diminishing.

Only last week he was nearly caught by a climber who stumbled around a rocky outcrop the snow had melted from and almost walked right into him.

He knew his chances of being caught were rising. Sooner or later someone would find him, photograph him and them every man and his dog would be crawling over the hills seeking him out.

So far, his hill top cave was his haven. It remained snow covered all year, but the thaw was coming closer to the entrance.

The snowman looked down into the greening valley, knew it was far too many moons before the snow would return. He turned into his cave to consider a strategy.

In the corner lay the corpse of the last climber to find him. At least he supposed there would be plenty of food coming his way.


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7 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Turning #writephoto

  1. I liked this a lot Michael.

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    That puts a new slant on the idea of biting cold… 😉

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    Well, I rest my point ! Global warming is affecting every thing! even the snowman…. Poor chap yet-he 😉 should have plenty of food passing his door, as you say.💜

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