Three Things Challenge, 04 Sept 2018


Today’s things are: gremlin, zombie, poltergeist

It was a quiet Friday afternoon, and we were lazily working away on some busy work while Miss Teresa did her nails. She was apparently going on a date that night and wanted time to get her nails done, so we obliged and did what we loved most, colouring in the map of the world.

It was all quiet, and we heard a scurrying in the back of the room. We all looked at Dango thinking he was bored and up to no good but he was busy, head down colouring furiously.

Then there was a muttering, a head poked itself up and looked around. Unless I was mistaken, it looked very much like a gremlin. The first kid to see it and make eye contact was given a loud shhhhhhh complete with a finger to the lips.

Then the store room door burst open, and a poltergeist flew out and proceeded to fly around the room, hooping and hollering and frightening every kid.

Then from out of the storeroom the sound of Michael Jackson’s Thriller began and what followed was a procession of zombies, all looking so much like Miss Teresa. They marched in time with the music up and down the aisles, focused totally on their respective dance steps.

It certainly broke the monotony of the afternoon, and through it, all Miss Teresa did move a muscle nor notice the supernatural fun happening around her.

It was quite a sight I have to say, and thankfully I woke up as the end of day bell sounded.



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2 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 04 Sept 2018

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Ha ha ha ha…good one 🙂

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