FOWC with Fandango — Loathe


I loathe the fact you have gone

No goodbye, just a silence

Are you dead?

Are you ill?

I feel abandoned

Left to fend for myself

As if I can be so easily discarded.

I know life was not easy

I know you are pulled between the reality of life

And the fantasy across the water

Part of me is forgiving

Understanding of what you must be going through.

It would be for the best

To fade from one another

Leave behind so many memories,

Crawl back into the life we had once

The reality from which we tried to escape.

So, while I loathe what has happened

I accept what has to be.


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2 Responses to FOWC with Fandango — Loathe

  1. rugby843 says:

    Yikes, I expect we have similar past lives

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