Three Things Challenge, 26 August 2018


Today’s things are: tote, octopus, milk

Having resisted all temptation to go octopus hunting with my classmate Dango the previous day, I turned up to school enthusiastic and keen to learn. Miss Teresa arrived as the bell went and slung her tote bag under her desk and proceeded to begin the day’s lessons.

Dango being the mischievous lad that he was, had come into class carrying a small octopus to prove his day off had not been wasted.

He placed it on Miss Teresa’s desk and stood back to see her reaction. Upon seeing it she screamed and brushed the slimy mass from her desk. It fell into her tote bag resulting in further screaming which resulted in the Principal Miss Melanie rushing in to see who was being killed.

Once Miss Melanie had restored order and told Dango to remove the octopus from Miss Teresa’s tote bag she ordered us all outside and to report to the canteen where we were given milk to calm our nerves and allow Miss Teresa time to compose herself.

Dango thought he had had a great victory and raising his bottle of milk made a toast to success and octopi.


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5 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 26 August 2018

  1. Lyn says:

    Ugh! I remember only too well those small bottles of milk served at recess. I hated milk with a passion. Fortunately, my Mum wrote a note to say I wasn’t allowed dairy.

  2. Cara Hartley says:

    Never a dull moment with a fellow like Dango around. Of course, being friends with such people often leads to guilt by association.

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