Three Things Challenge, 24 August 2018


Today’s things:  flower pot, stereo instructions, dancer

There was much excitement in the class today when we saw Miss Teresa walk into the classroom. The rumours of her being dead were put to rest, and we all agreed our substitute teacher Mr Fango was not a patch on her.

So, as she entered she carried a large flower pot which she informed us was to add a certain ambience to the room. What ambience was we had no idea we were just pleased to see her back.

The lessons that day were a pleasure. The school had bought our classroom a new stereo system and we all helped Miss Teresa read the stereo instructions to get the thing to play. “Why do they make these things so hard,” she asked after a half hour of reading and putting one wire after another into slots that gave zero results.

But it was worth it as the music was mesmerizing and before long we were all entranced by it. Miss Teresa was so taken by it she left her desk and danced around the room and as a dancer I have to say she was impressive.

By days end we had settled into having Miss Teresa back and she us.


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2 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 24 August 2018

  1. Lyn says:

    Good to have Miss Teresa back 🙂

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