Wordle #207 Frau Marmor


This week’s words: Hemmablind ((adj.) To become so accustomed to the flaws in one’s own home as to no longer notice them even if those flaws require certain adaptations to be made. (Does this word exist in English?)
Pinfeather Decorous ((adj.) characterized by dignified propriety in conduct, manners, appearance, character, etc.) Final Able Underwater Marigold Pester Token Falsify Draw Crutch


Miss Marble received word that her cousin Frau Marmor was coming to visit. Frau Marmor lived in Munich and was what Miss Marble referred to as a hemmeblind woman. Frau Marmor insisted in speaking German whenever she visited, which was not very often, and Miss Marble worried about her place as over the years it had taken on a character that not many houses possessed and Frau Marmor was always quick to point out the error of Miss Marble’s ways.

Miss Marble decided to be as decorous as possible in order to show Frau Marmor she was not a woman to be criticized. And as we knew Miss Marble was not a woman to be trifled with. Frau Marmor was not the witch Miss Marble was and was able to pull out the required spell when required to put Frau Marmor into a deep sleep thereby affording Miss Marble some relief from her tiresome cousin.

Frau Marmor arrived to her own fanfare and immediately took to the garden as Miss Marble had quite a considerable garden. The marigolds were out in flower, and Frau Marmor took it upon herself to pester Miss Marble as to the final time she might be able to pick them.

Miss Marble distracted her cousin by suggesting they go in search of pinfeathers as there were new born birds in the nests in her garden and pinfeathers were more than useful in sleeping potions.

Frau Marmor as with many people as they age was starting to mellow and as a token of her esteem for her cousin she drew her a plan of the garden pointing out where improvements might be made and so as to not falsify anything made her drawing to perfect scale.

That night it rained, and the garden floor was soon underwater drowning many of Miss Marble’s precious plants.

Frau Marmor not to be taken aback used one of Miss Marble’s crutches, she kept for emergencies, to find her way to the marigolds and rescue as many as she could. There were yellow blooms all through Miss Marble’s house, wet soggy ones. Miss Marble drew in a long breath and wondered when her cousin might be going home.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/08/20/wordle-207/


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  1. Most amusing poor Miss Marble!

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