FOWC with Fandango — Sensual


It was Saturday morning and as I looked out over the fence into Mr Fango’s place it was unusually quiet. A van pulled up outside their house and a man took in a huge bunch of flowers. It was Mr and Mrs Fango’s wedding anniversary.

It was obvious to us all that despite their privacy Mr and Mrs Fango loved one another. When you looked at Mr Fango you wouldn’t think he had a romantic bone in his body, but apparently, he did as mid-morning Sexy Rexy’s pink Sex Shop delivery van pulled up outside and Rexy himself carried in a large parcel wrapped in discrete brown paper.

I watched fascinated and it wasn’t until I mentioned Sexy Rexy that my parents looked horrified through the window and made me go and make my bed.

It must have been a very happy and sensual anniversary for Mr and Mrs Fango as they both had that same glow mum has when she and dad sleep in.


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6 Responses to FOWC with Fandango — Sensual

  1. Fandango says:

    Happy endings all around.

    (BTW, I This is a duplicate or triplicate comment, it’s because after I hit publish they don’t appear to be showing up. Going directly to spam, maybe?)

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  4. rugby843 says:

    Ah, the glow, I remember it well

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