First Line Friday: August 17th, 2018


The sun simmered red as it slunk towards the jagged horizon. 

Another stinking hot day was drawing to an end, and the glow of the setting sun heralded the same again tomorrow.

We had had two weeks of record high temperatures, and our resolve was weakening. With the air conditioners running all day and often all night we wondered when and if the heat would let up. In so many ways we’d stopping living.

Any activity was best done in the early morning before the heat set in. That activity was minimal in nature as it was so exhausting performing the most basic of tasks. Even the hanging out of the washing was tiring, and the joke was the first hung item was usually dry by the time the last item was pegged on.

During the day we huddled in our houses, wearing the least we had to, fans and air con blasting and hoping there would not be a power failure as then we’d have nothing to keep us cool.

Our freezers were stocked with everything we could find to make as much ice as we could. Drinks were laden with ice cubes, and in dire circumstances, we folded the ice inside face washers and held them to our heads.

But sleeping was hard. Thankfully we had ceiling fans, and they worked non-stop circulating the air and doing all they could to make life a tad more pleasant.

Behind it, all was the eternal fear of the next electricity bill. Everyone dreaded them arriving, wondering how we’d ever pay it as the days went on with the heat not letting up and our dependence on cooling.

So tonight, as the sun went down and the prospect of another stinking hot day we resolved to make the best of the bad situation we found ourselves in, after all, we argued, despite all we hated about the hot weather we were as guilty as the next person for adding to the effects of global warming.


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4 Responses to First Line Friday: August 17th, 2018

  1. Fandango says:

    First, great photo for the prompt. Second, important message in the post.

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