Thursday photo prompt: Circle #writephoto – The Gork Ancient Order of Druids


In the ancient village of Gork, there was a small group of men who like many villages of the time had their own ancient order of druids called the Gork Ancient Order of Druids.

Though small in number they were enthusiastic and dedicated. One of their member Gork Stonefoot had ventured out to other villages to see what their druids were up to and discovered vast stones set in all sorts of patterns in homage of the sun, moon or in some cases Tuesdays.

The Gork druids decided they too would have stones and as they were a vertically challenged group of men their stones were more befitting of their size.

And so, after much argument as to where the stones should be placed a final vote was taken and a circular pattern would be established that would allow them to see one another.

Gork Stoneface had composed a chant, lots of “oomms” and the occasional “golla golla golla” more for effect than anything else.

The stones were sourced from Gork Stonearm’s farm and dragged to the site by Gork Stoneteeth’s oxen.

A larger stone was erected after much huffing and puffing, and that was to be the leader’s seat of wisdom. The leader would be voted on each full moon, and so everyone would get a chance to be the leader and feel the sense of importance at being so.

Gork Stonehead was the first leader, a tough man, a fair man with little to no idea about leadership. Stonehead liked to dance and so set the precedent for future leaders to introduce some favourite thing they liked to do. Though when Gork Stoneknit took over, there were raised eye brows at his penchant for knitting woollen helmets.

And so, in the fullness of time, the Gork Ancient Order of Druids left for future generations not much more than a few stones standing among the over-grown grass and a whole bunch of unanswered questions.


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  1. Interesting take on the picture prompt.

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