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My aged companion Joyce and I lived in a quaint village in a quainter part of the countryside. The village served everything we needed to satisfy our basic needs.

Joyce woke up this morning saying she’d like a bagel from the Bread Ahead bakery and would I be so kind to run down and buy her one.

As Joyce and I had not long returned from our wonderful holiday in Morgue, she was a tad jet-lagged and so stayed in bed each morning until she felt she had a handle on her bearings.

Our tour leader Roger had promised he’d keep us aware of future holidays and Joyce scoured the emails daily to see if he had kept his word.

This morning I took myself down to the village and walked past the butcher, grocer and candlestick maker to find myself in front of the bakery. The smell of fresh baked bread and pastries was over powering, and I decided to buy a few extra bread products.

I carried home my purchases and presented Joyce with her bagel which she devoured hungrily. The other items I could see she was in the process of coveting.


Written for: https://flashfictionforthepracticalpractitioner.wordpress.com/2018/08/15/flash-fiction-for-the-purposeful-practitioner-2018-week-33/

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