Bonus Wordle “Sick Day” – Cyril Comforts Mildred.


This week’s words: Calescent ((adj.) growing warm; increasing in heat) Sheets Paroxysm ((n.) any sudden, violent outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion: a severe attack or a sudden increase in intensity of a disease)Temperature Tea Kettle Window Breeze Kneel Forehead Dizzy Damp Comfort

Cyril Rum, an angel on sabbatical, chose to live in a house like all others to not attract too much attention to himself. He had befriended his neighbour, Mildred Thrup because he wanted to know as much about life on earth as he could during his stay. In his opinion, humans were a complex lot, and he needed to understand them.

Mildred had been a great source of his education. Most days she dropped over to see him and answer any of the many questions he threw at her.

Today he expected her to come bounding through his back door and park herself in his kitchen. She only went that far as the rest of Cyril’s house was basically bare for as an angel he didn’t need any of the trappings of human life to exist.

With his tea kettle boiling away in expectation of her arrival and wondered what she might ask him once he’d stopped asking her.

But there was no show from Mildred and looking out his window he could see much sign of life at Mildred’s place.

Outside a gentle breeze blew but he could feel the day warming up. The weather man the evening before had referred to the calescence of the coming days and warned people to keep plenty of ice in their freezers.

Today he was concerned, so he ventured over to Mildred’s back door, something he had never done. There was no sign of Mildred, but he did sense some trouble within her house, as an angel he had that sense and his was working overtime at that very moment.

He pushed open her back door and called her name. From inside he heard a slight cough. Venturing further in and calling her name he came to her room. There he found Mildred. She was lying in her bed, her sheets wrapped around her. She was shivering as he knelt to feel her forehead which was damp with perspiration.

Suddenly Mildred went into a paroxysm of coughing that doubled her in half, she gasped as she sucked in a deep breath and it was clear to Cyril that she had a temperature which was not as it should have been.

She lay back, he heard her say she was dizzy and that she needed a doctor. Cyril was distressed knowing his neighbour and good friend was unwell, and this was his first experience of a friend in discomfort.

Now being an angel Cyril never knew illness and pain and thought how he could offer Mildred some degree of comfort at this time.

He placed his hand on her brow and felt the illness inside her working on her to weaken her as it took from her the life she usually enjoyed.

He moved his hand down over her eyes and Mildred fell into a deep sleep. He waved his hands over her sleeping body knowing that when she awoke she’d be a recovered friend, just the way he liked her.


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21 Responses to Bonus Wordle “Sick Day” – Cyril Comforts Mildred.

  1. Lyn says:

    Cyril is rather sweet, isn’t he.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Angels are wonderful and Cyril is obviously a special case. I wonder what his boss will make of him healing a human instead of calling the doctor…. Can angels use phones? 💜💜

  3. James Pyles says:

    Seems like one of the nicer things he’s done.

  4. Tournesol says:

    Oh my, we all need a Cyril in our lives!!

  5. Ah, this is so sweet. This speaks of empathy that may emerge between two widely different beings, if only we take time to get to know each other. Differences of race, religion, sex, nationality, et al. should never hinder us from exercising the basic tenet of humanity. That’s what I took from your comforting tale.

  6. Poor Mildred and sweet, sweet Cyril =)

  7. mandibelle16 says:

    Lucky Mildred. Nice that Cyril cured her.

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