Thursday photo prompt: Summer #writephoto


It rippled through the field like a breath of fresh air.


At long last, the winter was over, and the warmth of the Spring and Summer would descend, and life would be its summery pleasant self.

The creatures and beings who inhabited the field felt the warmth descend upon them and their minds turned to what was needed to make this the best summer ever.

First thing was to shake off the slumber of the winter. One creature looked at another, rubbed their eyes in unison and without looking any further knew what had to be done.

Above them, the blossoms had already arrived providing a food source for they were all hungry and until some could get back into hunting mode, the flowers would suffice.

But as soon as they could, it would be a return to ways of nature. The hunters would hunt, the gathers gather, the weak find ways to survive and the strong assert their dominance.

A field mouse feeling it was still safe to wander through the vegetation was rudely awakened by a swooping sound and felt the talons around its body as it lifted off the ground. It’s squeak alerting all other field mice of the danger.

The hustle and bustle of summer was under way, and each entity pursued what it did to make it the entity it was.


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11 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Summer #writephoto

  1. syncwithdeep says:


  2. Sue Vincent says:

    beautifully descrbed, Michael. Nature has her ways and we are all subject to them… and perhaps that is what needs to be remembered in order to have a perfect summer.

  3. Perfect Michael. Poor mouse, but that’s Nature.

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  5. willowdot21 says:

    I like this Michael 💜

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