Three Things Challenge, 10 August 2018


Today’s things are: dolls, crackers, questionable

Miss Teresa’s life lesson was somewhat questionable today. She came into class with a box full of Barbie dolls and proceeded to explain to us the facts of life.

Considering our age, we were a little lost as she went on explaining the difference between mums and dads. We already knew most of what she was saying, after all, we did get on occasion to see our parents naked as scary as that was.

Nat Toupo we all thought was a bit crackers because one day his mum who was from Scotland and as white as snow asked Nat if he’d noticed anything different between his mum and dad. Nat’s dad was from Tonga, and the question puzzled him as he sought an answer to the question. In the end, he said he had noticed a difference and that it was his dad had a penis.

Miss Teresa continued her lesson, most of us tuned out as she was talking about stuff we didn’t have a lot of interest in. But I do recall her telling us to take care of our bodies as they’d be the only ones we’d get.


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