Three Things Challenge, 31 July 2018


Today’s things are: meat loaf, soup, stealing

Today Miss Teresa sent us home from school with the strangest of requests. We had to steal a meatloaf and turn it into soup.

My mum, known affectionately around the neighbourhood as Morphy, short for Mrs Morpethroad, looked at the work sheet and raised an eyebrow. This from my mum usually meant her mind was thinking in devious ways.

She said let’s steal a recipe, and surprise Miss Teresa with a little ingenuity. So, we set to work to make what mum called a Stealers Wheel meatloaf and soup.

When she became engrossed in such creations, I became her galley slave, fetching, cleaning, washing, peeling and stirring.

The recipe she found in Aunt Mary’s Homemade Treats recipes and was not bothered by any sense of right or wrong in copying it out and putting her name on the top.

The meatloaf was delicious, mum had a way with herbs and spices, and the soup was one of our favourites, lots of veges and lots of liquid, as mum used to say the added liquid will always help to take the taste away.

Needless to say, Miss Teresa was impressed when I came to school with my meatloaf, soup and ‘original’ recipe.


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4 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 31 July 2018

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Wow very cool. I love these 3TC prompts, you do them so well. Is this a story or based on a true one? Either way, very neat one. And I’m so glad you introduced the rest of us to this challenge. I love adding it to picture prompts, makes things interesting 🙂

  2. Lyn says:

    My mum made the bestest meatloaf in the world. 😀

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