Worth A Thousand Words #2 – The Rainbow Field


Photo Credit: DeltaWorks @ Pixabay.com

The rainbow field looked magnificent, as it should in the days before harvest.

It was important that each section of colour be at the premium stage as each bloom complemented the other.

On their own, they constituted a powerful magic but combined they could change minds, create and nurture and generally do more good than could be imagined.

The workers within each section had laboured day and night in the past weeks to bring their section to ripened fruition.

To the public passing the paddock, it was an intriguing sight watching the rows take on their full colour. But they knew little about what was happening on the ground, below the rich blooms they could only admire.

Here beneath the colours was another world of enterprise and industry. This was the world of the Rainbow Fairies.

Over the years the fairies had evolved into the colours they nurtured. They had become territorial, the hats they wore proudly symbolising which colour of the field they belonged to. Though they lived communally, they left the commune each day wearing the hats that marked them and their worth. Beginning fairies in the field wore the drab green, their apprenticeship starting with the simple propagation of the plants, learning the peculiarities of the plants and how to decide which colour they might grow into.

The top of the fairy hierarchy were the fairies who worked the white flowers. This was because the white flowers held the most powerful of magic.

Each row was harvested separately, and then the flower heads were dumped in huge bins at the end of the field. Here the master concoctors would select what they needed to create the potions ordered from far and wide. It was a huge business, orders flowed in day and night, and shipments departed the same way packed in small boxes labelled potpourri so as not to attract suspicion.

Once the harvest was complete, the Fairy Master of the Field would allocate the rotation of the sections and the process of cultivation and growing the next season’s crop would begin all over again.

Fertiliser was important, as the stems from the previous harvest would be ground up and spread over the field along with a liberal scattering of any damaged petals from the harvest. Everything served a purpose with the bottom line making a living being paramount.


Written for: https://thehauntedwordsmith.wordpress.com/2018/07/18/worth-a-thousand-words-2/

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5 Responses to Worth A Thousand Words #2 – The Rainbow Field

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Fabulous story!

  2. Lovely thought to end my day on. Thank you!

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