Three Things Challenge, 10 July 2018


Today’s things are: monkey, April, brick

April down under is Autumn, when some trees turn a riot of colour and shed their leaves all over the ground.

For people in brick houses, it’s a time for preparing for the coming winter. It’s a serious business as the temps can drop to near zero in some places and if unlucky you may even experience a frost, heaven forbid, I’m still awaiting one where I live and its well into July now.

So it is not a time for monkeying around. The winter clothing has to be organised, the shorts and thongs put away, the jumpers found in the bottom of the storage box from last winter are checked to see if they have acquired any moth holes and given a good airing in anticipation of the first cold day soon to arrive.

It’s a busy time where being as thick as a brick will leave you cold and shivery.


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2 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 10 July 2018

  1. rugby843 says:

    We had 99 degree F temp today. What a world! You’re getting out sweaters and I just put my long heavy scarf away. I need it on July 4th to watch fireworks at the park it was so chilly. It cools off at night here, a saving grace.

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