Three Things Challenge, 7 July 2018


Today’s things are: blues, rock n’ roll, country 

There’s a place in the country where they play country music. Its called Phil’s Blues Bar and Grill.

We go there all the time just to watch Rocky and the Pipe Dreamers, our favourite country band.

They sing a lot of original stuff, Rocky writes songs all the time as he is in and out of love on a weekly basis. As he says, he has plenty of material to draw on.

When they get a little tired of playing country music, they take a break and come back, in different dress as Reggie and the Rockers and play the most driving rock n’ roll you can imagine.

Everyone is on the floor, it’s a fabulous rocking time, and Reggie is the best rock guitarist around.

Phil’s Blues Bar and Grill rocks like no other place.

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2 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 7 July 2018

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Great story! I wouldn’t mind going there 🙂

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