Three Things Challenge, 4 July 2018


Declaration, freedom, fireworks

When the declaration was made, and freedom established it was greeted with fireworks of a magnitude not seen before.

Heroes had been created and villains vanquished.

As the fireworks exploded in the night sky the victorious marched through the streets waving their supporter flags and chanting the slogans that for the previous weeks had given them something to hold on to.

The declaration had been a bold move. Initially challenging the old regime, calling upon it for change.

Freedom was a new concept, for most of the population had lived under the old totalitarian rule where the now exiled despot had governed with an iron fist and so many had family and friends simply disappear when they dared raise their voices in dissent.

The partying continued long into the night where in a room across town, a group met to formalise the change in authority.


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