Bonus Wordle “State of Emergency” – Russell Manque


This week’s words: Falter Resolve Unknown Red Tape State of Emergency Wring Desperation Stress Decisions Clench Manqué (adjective). having failed, missed, or fallen short, especially because of circumstances or a defect of character; unsuccessful; unfulfilled or frustrated (usually used post positively). Weigh

I awoke to a state of emergency. It was a surreal experience, sirens wailing, phones ringing, radio all about a state of emergency, TV all about some red tape that had gotten in the way of negotiations and the desperation that indecision brought to those who thought they had the answer to the situation.

Apparently, decisions had to be made, and everyone who was everyone was weighing in on the course of action to be taken.

The problem it appeared all lay with Russell Manque, a third class clerk in the office of national security, who in a moment of sheer boredom or it could have been stress but who knew as Russell Manque had a bad habit of clenching his buttocks and hoping for the best and that extended to his having lunch among many things, made a fatal miscalculation. He announced an imminent missile launch.

Suddenly there was chaos. One side of the Pacific thought the other side was calling them out. Both sides were known to wring their hands at the slightest provocation, and as all they knew at any precise moment was unknown to all and sundry, there was nothing they liked more than a good wringing of hands.

Negotiations were begun at once until each side realise they were unsure what it was they had to resolve, and so all talks faltered until someone figured out what exactly the fuss was all about.

In the meantime, the red light that signalled a state of emergency continued to blink, more sirens than before wailed, extra warnings were issued and the populace was urged to stay indoors, not look at the sky, and that should some resolution be reached in the current desperate moments, it would probably take a good day or so to cut through the red tape that usually prevented any firm decision being made. In the meantime, just in case, a man called Russell Manque could be the one to attack on social media should anyone feel the urge.


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4 Responses to Bonus Wordle “State of Emergency” – Russell Manque

  1. Good story Michael, it reminded me of the false alert that was issued in Hawaii earlier this year.

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