JSW Prompt 6-25-2018 – A Father and Daughter


Dolores Fortune was an unhappy woman. She’d been born unhappy and stayed that way throughout her life.

Life had treated Dolores in unkind ways and she, in turn, made sure she returned the favour as often as possible.

She’d married several times, and on every occasion, the men in her life suffered her unhappiness.

She regretted having children, as they were a burden to her, forever demanding her attention to which she felt great resentment.

Her second husband was a small man who worked on ranches and farms around the district. He had been married previously to an equally demanding woman, and their marriage had produced two children, a boy and a girl.

The girl she particularly disliked, she was so much like her father and was often away with the fairies. Dolores hated the weekends when the girl came to stay as she took all the attention away from her as the girl’s father doted on her.

Each occasion she found herself alone with the girl was an opportunity to criticise her and get her to do jobs to keep her busy and away from the things she liked.

When the girl reached puberty, she ran away, mixed with the wrong crowds, ended up pregnant and all this afforded Dolores the opportunity to poison the father against his daughter.

The girl drifted away, fell into an abusive marriage, had children of her own and all the while Dolores fed her father everything that poisoned him of his daughter.

And so they saw nothing of each other, the daughter thought the father had abandoned her and spent her life believing so.

In later years she wondered if her father was still alive and searched for him.

An old man appeared, frail, confused by life and in a far away city. She found the courage to contact him, and he was overjoyed to hear from her, believing her to be lost forever. They re-united, they cried over the past, hugged and found a love for each other long thought dead.

In the background, Dolores, true to herself found a reason to go about poisoning him again, reminding him of the wayward girl and the disgrace she brought on the family.

But he saw not the wild child, he saw an adult, a woman who had grown in life, who was compassionate, loving and caring and he dismissed the poison still being flung at him and embraced a love only a father and daughter can sustain.


Written for: https://athling2001.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/jsw-prompt-6-25-2018/

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9 Responses to JSW Prompt 6-25-2018 – A Father and Daughter

  1. What a lovely post. Great job!

  2. Billy Mac says:

    and they lived happily ever after

  3. janmalique says:

    Lovely story, compassion and love triumph over hate and spite.

  4. I am sucker for Happy Endings, we need more like this.

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