Sunday Writing Prompt – Things Watery – Row, Row, Row Ya Boat – The Strangers Part 2


Row Row Row ya Boat.

I hadn’t noticed them standing on the bank until I was well and truly a long way into the centre of the stream.

There were three of them and I knew who they were as I’d encountered them before. That day they had followed me until in trying to escape them I jumped off a building out of desperation to be rid of them.*

They had saved me from destruction and filled me with a warmth I hadn’t anticipated. Since that day they had disappeared as if satisfied they had made their mark on me or were content in that I had nothing more to offer them.

I’d lived much more comfortably since then. Their presence had unnerved me and I was getting on with my life especially aware they had given me a second chance on life.

Today was a day off and I decided to go out on the stream to relax in my canoe and take in the natural beauty of the landscape on both sides of the stream.

That they were there immediately set me on edge. Why were they back? They looked them same, dressed in the same tight fitting jump suits, sexless in shape, though they looked very feminine to me, and with those same piercing blue eyes. Being in my canoe I was a fair way from them and they seemed intrigued by me being where I was.

The one who gesticulated was doing so again, the next was taking notes and the third stood passively fiddling with the whistle it had dangling around its neck.

Having witnessed them before I began to understand that often they were questioning what it was I was doing as if most of my traits were a mystery to them.

I enjoyed being out on the tranquil water, there was no wind, the water was mirror like and there was no one else out that day so having the stream to myself was idyllic.

About a kilometre or two along the stream there was a small cove that I intended to pull into and have my lunch.

I decided to ignore the three watching as I figured they couldn’t do anything with me out in the canoe, and I would leisurely make my way to my destination.

As I made my way around the curve towards the cove I noticed they were now on the opposite side of the stream eyes still fixed on me. The note taker was furiously taking notes and the other two were muttering as I’d seen them do before.

Upon reaching the cove I pulled the canoe up onto high ground and found a spot to settle on for my lunch. Once I was seated they crowded around me peering at me with what I assumed was curiosity.

Knowing they were not to be afraid of I invited them to sit with me. Again they muttered, gesticulated and noted before the third one with the whistle moved to sit. Then the other two.

The note-taker, who had been the one to smile at me and fill me with warmth, looked at me and once again bathed me in warmth as she smiled at me. I offered her a piece of my sandwich, which she took, examined it with great care and showed it to her companions who did the same.

Nothing was said; they didn’t eat the sandwich but continued to stare at me as I consumed my lunch.

Once finished I made to get back into the canoe for the paddle back. The note taker gestured that she ride with me and I didn’t mind as the other two hovered nearby.

She sat there until I reached the home shore. She smiled again and this time I smiled back causing her to swoon as our smiles collided.

The three as I drove off were all in deep discussion and I wondered and hoped that I would see them again.





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12 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – Things Watery – Row, Row, Row Ya Boat – The Strangers Part 2

  1. willowdot21 says:

    An interesting story, I liked the fact that you came to a new understanding with you visitors! 😱💜

  2. janmalique says:

    Sounds like Part 3 is waiting in the wings. You have the makings of an adventure here.

  3. rugby843 says:

    I agree, need part three!☺️

  4. I would love to be in a canoe one day.

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  6. Jules says:

    oooh….now I’m off to see what that first meeting was about 😉

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