Wordle #201 #amwriting #MLMM #Wordleo – Cyril Rum’s Reflections


This week’s words: Drab Envy Counterweight Correspond Qualify Ginger Revolve Deasil (in the direction of the sun’s apparent course, considered as lucky; clockwise. ) Finite Pressurize Postpone Thewless – Adjective. thewless (not comparable) (obsolete) Lacking morals or virtue. Lacking vigour or energy; listless; weak; nerveless.

Cyril Rum, an angel on sabbatical, lived in a small house at the end of a long street.

As with all angelic deities Cyril had been sent to observe the life forms that had evolved throughout the universe. This he revealed one night as he and his neighbour Mildred Thrupp sat outside looking up at the stars.

“I find it odd,” he said, “that humans think of themselves as the only ones in the universe. Do they think all those stars up there are simply hanging about doing nothing?”

Cyril went on the say that in the course of his existence, and it had been quite a while, he had visited other worlds, which he concluded were all doing well. Before he arrived on earth, there had been other angels who had come to observe. They concluded that earth and its inhabitant were a thewless lot. They were considered drab and preoccupied with each of the seven deadly sins, envy being a major one along with greed.

“The trouble with humans,” said Cyril, “was there was no counterweight for them. Many had come before them pointing out the dangers of sin, whole books have been written about it, but it appears to me like water off a duck’s back.”

“Yes,” replied Mildred, “we are a fickle lot.”

“You know I tried to postpone coming. The reviews coming back were very disheartening, and I’d spent an eternity corresponding with one angel, and another and none of them seemed to have much to say that was positive. Finally, the boss called me in and said it was time for me to step up. After all, he said the universe didn’t revolve around me and it was time for me to put my well-earned qualifications to good work. I tried to argue I didn’t travel well but he told me he had created ginger for a reason. He also said the way the humans were going, treating not only themselves but also the planet their time was finite, and he’d hate for me to miss out on seeing what you don’t do to a planet. So I set off so pleased I had argued initially about the virtues of travelling deasilly, I mean anti-clockwise always seems so awkward, don’t you think?”

“I can imagine,” said Mildred who by now was somewhat lost in Cyril’s account.

“The journey was over in a second, it’s to do with pressurising you know.”

Mildred said she didn’t but was smart enough to let the matter slide past her.

They sat silently for a moment or two continuing to look up at the stars.

“Have I used all the words then?” asked Cyril.

“Yes indeed you have Cyril,” announced Mildred looking down at the wordle. “And used them very well.”

“Good,” answered a smug Cyril.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/06/18/wordle-201-amwriting-mlmm-wordle/

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12 Responses to Wordle #201 #amwriting #MLMM #Wordleo – Cyril Rum’s Reflections

  1. Michael that was a good story. You did not use the same angels from your previous posts. I could not find a definition for thewless.

    • Michael says:

      Thewless – Adjective. thewless (not comparable) (obsolete) Lacking morals or virtue. Lacking vigour or energy; listless; weak; nerveless.
      Thanks Jim, Cyril I dust off from time to time, Wayne and Greg are the angels from up and down, you might say and look after the souls of the deceased.

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Great talke Michael. I love that this Wordle inspired a Cyrel Rum story. You seemlessly included those words. Even the Thewless with two ‘s’s’. I enjoyed this and Cyrel makes some excellent observations. The end with Mildred was good too 🙂

  3. mandibelle16 says:


  4. Agreed. Humans are thewless. But we gotta keep those angels busy somehow.

  5. rugby843 says:

    Cool ending…🌸

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