Photo Prompt – Dilemma


One asked the other their opinion on the dilemma the three of them faced.

One argued the grass was greener on one side compared to the other.

The other argued the opposite.

The third announced that sitting on the fence was not getting them anywhere as they were flock creatures and not agreeing to which direction they should go was only making her hungry.

That, of course, was not to say what the other flocks might say should they split up and go their separate ways. The thought was too much for the one on one leg, a signal, it thought of its superiority over the others but would never say so as uniformity was important to birds of a feather.

That’s the trouble when you’re flocked said one giving the discussion a philosophical touch which unfortunately went over the heads of the other two.

They proceeded to discuss back and forwards as the day went by and at times the chat became quite agitated as one threatened a course of action the others were not in agreement with.

In the end, they decided to fly back home and return the next day to continue their deliberations.


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13 Responses to Photo Prompt – Dilemma

  1. calmkate says:

    lol great take, love it!

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