Sunday Writing Prompt “Sea Angel”


The Sea Angel hovered beneath the coral outcrop as above it the sea angrily flayed the old wooden ship.

It was a time to take cover, the sea had a mind the Sea Angel could never always understand and today was one of those times.

On normal days it was a matter of floating in the currents, going where they desired, appreciating the beauty that was the ocean floor, the many corals, the colours, the multitude of fish of every hue going about their business with the surety of nature.

But when angered, the Sea Angel found discretion was the better part of valour.

As time wore on she began to see bits of the ship float down onto the seabed. It was happening she thought, the sea was taking its revenge against an intruder who threatened to take from it.

The debris caused a flurry of excitement among the creatures in the near vicinity. Some saw possible food, many anticipated danger and fled.

An unusual object descended near to the Sea Angel and she recognised it as a body. It was small and was offering no resistance. The Sea Angel was aware it was a child and was curious as to why it would be aboard a ship in this part of the ocean.

She circled the child, noting the eyes were open as if looking at her in some sort of wonder. Since she had been in the ocean the Sea Angel had encountered very few humans. She was aware of them as the dominant species above the oceans, but this was her first up-close encounter.

She found herself wrapping around the small human, her motion propelling the child upwards towards the surface. She had restored various fish at times, but this was a huge task for her. She was minute in the scheme of things, mostly she went unnoticed and even the occasional predator she could repeal with comparative ease. Thank goodness she often thought when confronted, her ability to project a sense of distaste about herself sent those interested off in pursuit of tastier victims.

As she spun around the small child projecting it upward, she wondered if on the surface there might be assistance. The storm above still raged, and she knew she risked injury.

Above she could see another vessel, this one was bobbing in the turbulence, and as the child came near the surface, a hand reached out and plucked it from the water.

In the turmoil, she was unseen and turned to descend into safety hearing a cough from the child and knew it would be ok, at least for today.


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18 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Sea Angel”

  1. James says:

    For a second, I feared the child was dead and the sea angel would use him as a meal.

  2. Lovely story Michael. They are beautiful aren’t they. Reminds me of the film The Abyss. We had the extended version which went back to the book and more details of the ‘visitors’.

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    I thought what James mentioned ababove too, but I’m glad the sea angel saved the child instead. Interesting story and well told :]

  4. An angel indeed! Beautiful story Michael!

  5. Reminds me… I need some time in the sea.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Beautiful. What an inspiring story to read.

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