Thursday photo prompt: Remains #writephoto


Once a month the keeper of bones and artefacts would open the crypt and dust off the remains of Albert the Alchemist. He always marvelled at how the place, which was sealed, still attracted dust.

The dusting complete he would take a rag from his bag and spray it with his home made spray and wipe and clean the bones of the long dead Albert.

Unlike many of the remains he found as he worked his way around the old cemetery, Alberts were very much intact. They hadn’t crumbled and shown the wearing of time, as did so many others. He wondered if that had anything to do with his work. There was no doubt Albert would have worked with all sorts of chemicals and potions in his time.

Each time he cleaned the bones they came up looking pristine, as they would have been in his prime.

The keeper of bones and artefacts finished his task, looked around and found everything, as it should be.

He nodded to the resting bones of Albert the Alchemist and closed the crypt one again.


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5 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Remains #writephoto

  1. Ha! This is my life! Obviously I’m the crypt keeper around her! Lol

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