Wordle #198 #Wordle #MLMM #amwriting – Mrs Best


This week’s words: Absent Acerbic Nestle Numerous Behavior Deleterious Parched Particular Amass Muted Woebegone Maternal

“Mrs Best never rests.” My mother used to say each morning, as she’d be fussing about in the kitchen. She wasn’t a woman with overt maternal qualities as we observed she treated everyone to lashings of her acerbic tongue. Mrs Best went at it from morning till late at night.

There four kids whose muted personalities bore testament to her deleterious manner. Her husband was absent working away, and Mrs Best did her best, but not what we thought of as behaviour to benefit her children.

On Saturdays, the children were given two dollars each and sent off to the movies. They had strict orders as to their behaviour, and woebegone any of them misbehave, and word got back to her.

This allowed her an afternoon to herself. It was a time she used to reflect on the household and to address the numerous bills that seemed to amass on the sideboard.

Once dealt with she would nestle into her lounge and watch the Saturday afternoon movie, particularly if it was something old and sentimental.

This was a form of respite for us as well for as soon as the kids came home; hell resumed its normal duties.

One Monday morning I was home from school and observed mum and Mrs Best on the back veranda drinking tea. Mrs Best remarked that her throat was parched and I wondered if a little less yelling might be a way of easing that.


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8 Responses to Wordle #198 #Wordle #MLMM #amwriting – Mrs Best

  1. Ah the old days when two dollars could get you into the movies and you had enough left for popcorn and a soda. Good one Michael.

    • Michael says:

      It used to cost 25 cents as I recall, two movies as well.

      • I remember seeing two movies for a quarter also. The double feature was Godzilla verses Mothra and the other show was the Manster, kind of hard to forget that show.

      • Michael says:

        I could imagine. Can’t say they have been on my much watch list.

      • Loved Saturday matinees as a kid. Sixpence (2 and a half pence today) in the UK after a tuppenny bus ride.
        Ice cream or sweets thruppence, so a whole penny left over from a shilling’s pocket money for a gobstopper shared with your mates when the colour changed. God., Those were the days!!

      • Michael says:

        They certainly were Di.

      • I don’t remember 25 cent movies but I do remember when a movie was an easy/affordable weekend out. My mom and I watched lots of movies when I was growing up. She was a screamer but a good movie soothed her soul. Now we go like twice a year to the movie theater in the city. My daughter goes a little more to the village theater because sometimes they let kids in free or give away tickets with school activities. They actually have regular movies but the facilities are old (they offer blankets so you don’t freeze in winter lol). The snacks are cheap though and the tickets to comparatively, In the city it is 16 dollars.

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    I like this a great deal Michael because you share two alternate perspectives of Mrs Best. One, the yelling monster who maybe, takes out her inner troubles on her kids. Perhaps, afraid they’ll turn out like the absent Mr Best. Yet, she goes too far, and is too mean. On the other hand, you show us a woman who loves her kids, enough to send them to movies, when she is lacking in $ to pay the bills and needs time to herself, to heal, and to grow; to remember better days. I do agree with the narrator, if she could stop yelling at her kids, that would help a great deal. A therapist would work wonders I think. Thanks for participating 🙂

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