Photo Challenge #213 – Understanding


Image: – Nicolas Bruno
Keep talking he’d say, I’ll listen eventually
So she tried once again
Getting him not only to hear but also understand.
All the while he was being white-anted
By sleazy Jacko who whispered in her ear
Promises of love and affection, all of which
Were spoken with indecision and fabrication.
To her, they sounded genuine
So she was drawn to him because she was fickle.
Her lover desperate to win her trust
Doubled his efforts, bought her roses,
Wrote long and committed love letters
Sought to change his ways as futile as that was.
In the end with Jacko’s deceitful ways
She severed ties with him, went her own way
Found Jacko a liar and a cheat,
Having won her, he needed her no longer.
He left her distraught by the side of the road
On his way to another conquest
She sat and cried, realising her foolishness.
The boy who couldn’t listen came by and saw her
Stopped and asked if she needed his help.
She nodded humbly, asked his forgiveness
Accepted his help, climbed back into his life
As they drove off into their future,
He promised he’d do better this time.
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3 Responses to Photo Challenge #213 – Understanding

  1. calmkate says:

    so life like with a sweet ending 🙂

  2. Lyn says:

    Perfect story for the picture, Michael. Now that’s love. I hope he’s not disappointed.

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