Today’s prompt is:  Tell me a tale about a defining moment in your life.


On third August 1983, I was preparing for my weekly squash game when the phone rang.

It was my sister ringing to tell me my mother had died that afternoon.

She was a very active woman, she played tennis until she couldn’t hold the racket because of arthritis and then took up lawn bowls.

On the day she died, she went to bowls and then walked home, as always, and made my dad his dinner. She went to lie down and read the paper.

After dad ate his dinner, he found her dead.

That night as I lay in bed, I heard her voice saying goodbye to me.

She was 57. To this day I still miss her.


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8 Responses to TELL ME A TALE IN 120 WORDS

  1. calmkate says:

    wow what an amazing lady and a lovely tribute to your mother … is your father still alive?

  2. Billy Mac says:

    beautifully done. And sorry to hear

  3. Your Mum was very young when she passed away Michael. Lovely that she was so active until the end.

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