Time To Write: Picture Prompt 16 [Creative Writing Prompt] – When a Good Smite is the Answer.


“Why are we here?” she whispered in his ear.

“The speaker is a world-famous evangelical expert on the next life. You’ll have to be quiet as he is softly spoken,” he said in reply.

“I can’t hear a thing. Can we move closer?”

“No it’s all booked seats, and these are the best ones I could get.”

“Ok. What was that he said?”

“He said the next life is awaiting us all.”

“Well not all of us, I mean we know what’s there, but some will be disappointed after all the atheists are in for a huge let down when they find they were wrong all along.”

“Shush, keep your voice down. We don’t want anyone knowing who we are.”

“It would take us a minute to clear this whole question up.”

“We aren’t allowed to clear things up, we’re here to observe, that’s our mission.”

“We’re angels, we know stuff, and these people are morons believing this guy. Listen to him, eternal flames, damnation, God’s wrath, truly where do they get all that stuff.”

“Someone told them hell was the absence of God. They all believe it.”

“ Sometimes I think if we told them this was hell we’d save so many of them a lot of angst.”

“Yes, but it would upset the balance, wouldn’t it. You’d have people accepting that it is and no one would be trying to prove it isn’t. Chaos would take over, there’d be blood spilt, more wailing and gnashing of teeth than would be good for any of us and we’d be stuck up there looking down wondering where did we all go wrong.”

“Hey, but did he say they could pay their way into heaven by donating to his good deeds cause?”

“I think he just did.”

“ I think I should smite him.”

“Good idea, haven’t had a good smiting in so long.”

“You first smite or me?”


Written for: https://rachelpoli.com/2018/04/27/time-to-write-picture-prompt-16-creative-writing-prompt/

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3 Responses to Time To Write: Picture Prompt 16 [Creative Writing Prompt] – When a Good Smite is the Answer.

  1. calmkate says:

    lol love it, for many here is hell but we’ve also had a taste of heaven … don’t have to wait for the next life!

  2. hehe. How to deal with the high and Smity.

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