Tale Weaver – #168 – April 26th – The Every day on Grimace Street


Image © Mara Eastern (Used with permission)


It was garbage night on Grimace Street, and all the bins were lined up in front of their respective houses in anticipation of being emptied the next morning.

Miss Marble, of 46 Grimace Street and resident witch, was also busy. To her garbage night, as necessary as it was, was also danger night.

As many of the residents benefited from her assistance in the form of various potions and what have you, there was always the danger of one of her potion bottles ending up in the wrong hands, and she couldn’t afford that to occur.

As it was social media was a threat in that it only took some careless remark from a resident about her and she imagined all sorts of trouble could eventuate.

She took from box in her workroom a tiny butterfly type creature and set it loose.

This creature was a Finder Flyer, and it flew the length of Grimace Street searching each bin as it passed over for any items that Miss Marble would not want in them.

For any bin discovered to contain what Miss Marble referred to as undesirable, the Flyer would deposit a drop of saliva that Miss Marble could identify and search the bin to recover what should not be there.

Most weeks everything was fine as the residents adhered to her request to return their empties to her.

Tonight she registered that Mr Fatswalter, at 6 Grimace Street, had put a potion bottle in his bin. He had done this before, the last time because Miss Marble had rebuked him about his carelessness in showing the potion to a non-resident.

Plus Mr Fatswalter was getting a bit senile and forgetful, and so Miss Marble had decided he could only receive his potion directly from her. Despite his age, he was a bit precious about his hair, and so she’d given him a hair-restoring potion, and he was proud of his head and hair.

She quickly found the said bottle and returned home, put the Finder Flyer back into its box, this time with a healthy reward of six fireflies, Finder Flyers loved fireflies. In fact, if they were any bigger than the palm of your hand, they would be quite scary.

With the street now sound asleep she retired to own bed confident the garbage collection would hold no surprises for the residents but more importantly the collectors.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/tale-weaver-168-april-26th-the-every-day/

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6 Responses to Tale Weaver – #168 – April 26th – The Every day on Grimace Street

  1. calmkate says:

    I can feel the witches relief … no point in drawing unwanted attention!

  2. Oh I love the idea of Finder Flies Michael. Magical. 🙂

  3. James says:

    Never has taking the garbage out been more exciting.

  4. MNL says:

    Oooh, a new hazard for dumpster divers! I wish she lived in my neighborhood. She sounds like a very conscientious witch who also takes care of her recyclables even in other folk’s garbage. Fun story.

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