The View Out My Office Window.

In response to Stevie Turner’s blog where she has shown a photo of what she sees through her window when working on her computer.


My work space has changed a little in recent times. It’s in the front of my house hence the security screens on the window. But it does look over my favourite black rose which in recent weeks has blossomed, I imagine the rain has helped.

This rose is very old as when my mother sold her mother’s house next door to us she ‘rescued’ few things, the rose included. When I moved in to care my aging father, he said I was free to do whatever I wanted in the garden but NOT to kill the black rose. A little rose food from time to time and a good prune in July and it seems to thrive.

Below is a photo I took yesterday of the rose in all its glory. The added attraction with this rose is has a very strong Turkish Delight scent to it, for as you’d know Turkish Delight is made from rose water.


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3 Responses to The View Out My Office Window.

  1. Mercy Swu says:

    Wow beautiful.. ☺️ love your artistic view and the description.. thanks for sharing.

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