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The town of Morgue had been settled in 1423 by Franz Morguencastle an exiled baron from Thumpenstein whom many thought dead. Over time he built a castle on the cliff top and around him a small village grew.

The name Morgue was adopted at a time when not many people knew what the word meant, and as they couldn’t read it made little difference to them, it was just somewhere they returned to after a visiting the village of Lively.


Today the community was preparing for the annual Morgue fair. Stallholders would be invited, the Ladies Auxiliary would organise the cake and craft stall, the Village Singers would sing, and the Village Dancers dance. There would be a fireworks display, hopefully, this year without the risk to life and limb following the disaster of last year. As a result of Schultz, the town pyromaniac was told he was on cleaning the drinking fountain.

The feature of the fair was a kite-flying exhibition the one thing the town was famous for.

When the plans were laid out, the community voted a resounding “Oh eye”, and every one went away to do their part.


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  1. Lyn says:

    I hope the Ladies Auxiliary will also run a Devonshire Tea tent – I do love a good Devonshire tea. Hopefully, a fight won’t break out as to whether it’s jam on top of the cream or cream on top of the jam.

  2. rogershipp says:

    After leaving the village of Lively to go to Morgue for fireworks…. I see a fatal attraction on the horizon? Enjoyed. Thanks for joining the community this week.

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