Sunday Writing Prompt “Alien Abduction” – Starscar Visits the Blue Planet


Starscar was worried. The Imperial Council had reprimanded him several times about his lack of application to intergalactic exploration.

This was his last chance to bring back something the Council would approve of.

To make matters worse, he was lost. Space was a big place, and after he’d safely navigated his way through an asteroid cloud just beyond the Milky Way, he’d become disorientated which in truth wasn’t all that unusual for him.

He was glad he had three arms as he imagined with so many other life forms having only two, it must have been a liability for the most part.

As he settled himself, asteroid clouds were scary places to be, as many of his comrades had been lost in them he saw in the distance a tiny blue star and decided as he was lost why not go and see what it was after all blue stars were not a common occurrence.

His guidance systems told him it was a planet known as Earth, inhabited by biped life forms, fairly primitive but also very aggressive.

He circled the planet noticing his instruments were telling him there was a breathable atmosphere and a lot of water.

To the far south of the planet, he observed a very large island and decided to make that his destination.

Finding a place to land was easy as among the many dwellings there were patches of land where he could set his ship down safely. He knew that his appearance would unsettle the inhabitants, after all his smooth transparent skin and his three arms and legs marked him as different.

He decided to don an exterior suit to protect himself from the sun, which he noticed was warmer than he was used to.

Armed with his disabling weapon and shrinking gun together with a box to collect his specimens he ventured out of his craft.

There was an endless selection for him to choose from and he soon had more than he needed. The inhabitants didn’t seem to mind being shot, shrinked and boxed.

Feeling very proud of his efforts he headed back to his ship to store his bounty before heading off home, if only he knew where that was.

His ship the latest design for extended galactic flight was equipped with technology that would make your eyes water just trying to get your head around how sophisticated it was. But when it came to technology Starscar wasn’t the brightest star in the Universe. He tended to get flummoxed and pressed buttons, and understanding he had three arms and therefore thirty digits to play with that amounted to a lot of buttons and immense confusion for his on-board computer. Even though the computer was nothing more than a large green looking piece of sponge it was the source of all things known.

So safely back on board and his specimens stored away he breathed deeply and hoped as he pressed a very large impressive looking button mark %$$#@ that it would calculate a path home.

His craft took off, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

As he knew the journey home would take some time, he had plenty of it and was curious to examine his catch more closely.

He selected one box and injected it into the restoring device. Lights flashed and before him stood a rather curious specimen. Starscar knew some of the dialects of the Universe, but this one had him confused. Normally the specimens he captured were terrified and slunk into corners or stood rigid but this one was different.

The humanoid stood there and began speaking. What Starscar heard was (*&^(&(%#@&, but what was said was “G’day mate, wotcha doin’, the name’s ‘arry.”

Starscar quickly re-boxed the specimen and put away further thoughts of observing his catch. There were people on his home planet who were trained in understanding and dissecting specimens after all one of their aims was to look for future food sources and the planet he’d just visited had plenty of food, the question was would it be palatable?


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9 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Alien Abduction” – Starscar Visits the Blue Planet

  1. I enjoyed reading this very much Michael! I loved all the details you included and I have to admit I wonder what will become of the specimens he collected. Will Starscar even be able to return home?

  2. James says:

    The human seems pretty chill about being kidnapped by this clueless alien.

  3. hypercryptical says:

    Oh so yum yum! A really clever write and I love it!
    Anna :o]

  4. Hi Michael. I am humbled and honored that you shared this post over at the Senior Salon. Thank you very much. Hope that your followers will follow your lead and also come and share their own posts at the Salon. See you again next week.

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