Sunday Writing Prompt “The Tides” – Clara


When Clara studied the Tides, she decided she was obviously an Indigo. Her decision was based solely on her liking indigo as a colour more than what it represented.

She liked to think she was calm and influential, an upstanding member of her community and moral and trustworthy.

The truth was more reflective of her as being silver. A lying self-serving woman who pretended one thing and acted another.

She always came across well to anyone who met her, and she was always willing to help you out whenever the need arose. But behind your back, she was happy to assassinate you.

She had this belief that it was for your good when she stepped in offer guidance of the sort you couldn’t for fear of retribution ignore.

She did have a concern about the legacy she might leave on the world which is why she tried so hard to combine the two colours, which as we know are not very compatible and in Clara’s case showed up like the proverbial dog’s balls.


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9 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “The Tides” – Clara

  1. I read this earlier on the bus but could not respond on my phone. She sounds like a very difficult person indeed, the lack of self-awareness though is something many people struggle with and I like that premise of thinking or wishing she was one color but being a different color entirely. Out of curiosity what color tide did you relate to personally?

    • Michael says:

      I had to go back and look at the colours again. I think I am more blue than gold and certainly not silver. But you see a little of yourself in all of them. But I think BLUE is me.

      • I would say I was red when I was young, mostly with a bit of this and that but I also feel I am becoming more blue. I am analytical but not very logical if that is even possible haha, I am more intuitive. I might say I am the least purple as I have always been more about personal truth seeking as opposed to law or liturgy.

  2. Think we’ve all come across a Clara in our lives…..

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