Music Challenge #24: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – “Speak To A Girl” #amwriting #musicchallenge #MLMM

How would you have me speak to you?

When I have angered you?

When you criticise me?

When you complain of a lack of affection?


Do you expect I will grin and bear it?

When you harangue me over trivia?

When you say I should have known?

When you say I don’t provide?


Will you walk away when the time is up?

When there’s nothing more to say.

When there’s no path left to tread.

When the sun sets that one last time.


When will you allow me to be me?

After I have gone?

When you know there is no coming back?

When you know you’ve burnt every bridge?


There comes a day when I am free

To speak my mind, to tell the truth

When the pain of me no longer there

Will bite you when at last you’ll know

You had a man you could have loved

But chose instead to crush his soul

So you never had to look inside.


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12 Responses to Music Challenge #24: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – “Speak To A Girl” #amwriting #musicchallenge #MLMM

  1. calmkate says:

    ouch sorry for your miserable marriage 😦

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Very neat view. How a so-called lady should speak to her man, with respect. I like the poetic form. Thanks for participating.

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